מק"ט RR50
פרטי המוצר
In the treatment of injuries, as well as their prevention, ointments, gels and lotions are widely used. Pain and edema are the result of lesions of small vessels. The blood circulation becomes worse and the healing process slows down. The use of ointments is aimed at anesthetizing and relieving inflammation.
Do you feel the burning of the skin on your hands after exercises with a bar? Are there abrasions, corns, cracks? Are you unable to hold the bar anymore?
We have created a special tool that will help you quickly regain functionality! We are glad to introduce you RockRub ointment. It is the best natural healing and moisturizing tool!
Ointment RockRub quickly heals abrasions, cracks, corns, thanks to beeswax. Moisturizing effect allows to use it for massage and manual practices. It ideally works with tools for mobilizing soft tissues RockBlades 1.0, RockBlades 2.0, Mohawk.
RockRub ointment provides perfect therapeutic effect that lasts for several hours. It is convenient to apply to open areas of body.
RockRub ointment consists only of natural ingredients:
canola oil;
vitamin E;
Weight: 50 g and 400 g (50-100 g is enough for about a month of using).

The producer: RockTape Inc. (USA). The manufacturer: China.

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